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Paid to Read is not one of the easiest advertising venues available for 'Hard Sales'.

This is the biggest, and most commonly made error we see, in advertising Real Goods/Services at PTR Programs:

The Advertiser puts up a well designed website, containing carefully written texts, and then writes a very good Ad to be sent out at the ptr program. But the 'Results' of that ad campaign are considered 'Not Good'. Why?

The Answer is: because the advertiser ran an 'Ad' instead of an 'Ad Campaign'!
The advertiser has overlooked 'Secondary MVR's' (Most Valued Results) to cover a large portion of the cost of the ad!

Creating a Profitable Advertising Page fit for PTR:

  • The Webpage primarily focuses on the MVR: the Real Goods/Services being advertised in the hope of a sale!
    This is fine, and it is the primary 'Goal' or 'MVR' (Most Valued Results) of the ad campaign.

  • The Webpage also contains two 'Secondary' MVR's:

    1. A Bidvertiser Banner is located on the page, to the advertisers liking and style, there are many options available in size and color to fit the layout and design of the page.

    2. The advertiser at a PTR site, in all likelihood, is a member of other PTR programs so they add a link to another page that shows their 'best PTR programs'. This other page may also include any survey companies they may be a member of, most all have referral programs and pay very well for any signups you get.

Now, let's run that Ad Campaign, and See what happens:

  • There were 11 'Clickthroughs' to the merchant's website.
    The Merchant provides their affiliates a 'tracking cookie' that lasts several months, so now the advertiser has that persons IP address safely stored in the merchants logs, and any sales that result from this visitor for months to come, will be awarded to the advertiser.

    • These are 'Residual Sales' and should always be considered in every Ad Campaign you run. 'Immediate Results' are not the only results, that you are looking for.

  • There were 3 'Clickthroughs' to the advertisers page on their ptr sites, and related items placed on that page. Perhaps one of those visitors has bookmarked the page, as it was an informative PTR resource the advertiser uses with all their Ad Campaigns.

    • More potential for residual results here again.

  • There were 4 clicks on the Bidvertiser Banner.
    These clicks easily paid the low cost of the Ad Campaign, virtually creating the advertiser a permanent free advertising venue for their Goods or Service! Eventual 'Hard Sales', the Primary MVR, is only a matter of time. :)
These 'Venue Adaptations' added to your overall Ad Campaign can make all the difference between 'poor results' and a 'Successful Ad Campaign' that is well adapted to the Paid To Read Industry.

Other Considerations you can explore:

We used Bidvertiser in our example, but there are other such 'CPC', Cost Per Click opportunities you can look into, using the one you like the best.

There are many other techniques you can explore, common ones are Cost Per Action; List-Building (where you look for an email address, which affords you the opportunity to contact people directly about specials, other offers, etc.), signups to other programs (besides the separate page we covered before).


Don't be afraid of adding at least two good Secondary MVR's, one of which should definately be a 'Cash Generating' one such as the bidvertiser banner example. Do not 'over-kill' your secondary MVR's. Two secondaries are common throughout the advertising community, and you should do well with this number.

Make your pages fun and enjoyable for yourself but don't 'Clutter' your pages and ruin them. Remember you only have a limited amount of time to capture your visitor's attention!

Above all else, when designing your Ad Campaign for a PTR program, remember that the members of that program ARE going to be grateful that you have provided them with a quality site to visit - a change from what they are used to seeing.
Give them the opportunity to thank you, via your Secondary MVR's - the 'Hard Sales' will come in time!
Remember the value of Repeat Exposure a.k.a. Branding, which is what OurPTR2's Product Awareness Advertising is all about. :)

Enjoy, and let's Start Selling! :)

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